How to Make the Most Out of Your Floral Budget

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What is more romantic than stepping into a space full of fresh flowers? The look. The feel. And, of course, the smell! Having the opportunity to create stunning custom florals for our cherished couples over the past five years has been and continues to be one of our favorite elements of the wedding day. We want you to be able to enjoy every opportunity to incorporate fresh floral into your day without spending your entire budget to make your Pinterest board dreams a reality.

Below we’ve shared our top tips on how to make the most out of your floral budget:
- Repurposing: A great way to maximize value from your floral budget is by repurposing floral from ceremony to your reception. Not all of it, of course, as this would cause you to incur extra labor charges at your florist or venue. But a few examples of how you could do this are using the bridal party bouquets for the head table display following the ceremony. After all, why give your besties beautiful blooms without keeping them in water while not in use? Your planner can easily collect the bouquets during cocktail hour and place them into pre-set vases that will adorn your long beautiful head table. You can also do the same with aisle centerpieces or pedestals. These make for a great mix of high and low arrangements on your guests’ tables or can serve as extra décor on your band’s stage or the cake table.
- Strategic Placement: Another great way to save is by planning floral to be placed in the areas with the most significant impact, rather than spreading the floral budget out evenly. How do you do this? Instead of utilizing all of your budget on table centerpieces, you may choose to have simpler centerpieces, and instead, welcome your guests with a stunning floral escort card wall that can later transition to a photo background for your guests.
- Go Seasonal: If you’re not set on a specific flower, check with your florist what seasonal flowers they will have more readily available and can offer a better price for your wedding florals. Oftentimes, when you can give a florist your color palette and a general idea of the look you like, they will find something beautiful to provide you at a fraction of the cost.
- Venue Enhancements: Oftentimes, you start with a blank canvas for your floral design and base it around the invention of an entirely novel idea and design. For example, you want monochromatic roses cascading down the tables. Instead, you can plan the floral design as an extension of your wedding venue’s surroundings. If you’re in a stunning ballroom with naturally beautiful wall treatments, you don’t need large floral centerpieces for the space to look beautiful and feel grand. Or, if you’re having a garden wedding, you can use more of a mix and match approach where higher-cost flowers can be mixed with more cost-effective but equally stunning floral, greenery, and fillers that will look plentiful and feel just as beautiful.

The bottom line- an experienced floral designer will know how to work with your budget and make the most of it to deliver you the best value. We would love to guide you in the right direction. Click here to learn more about our expertise and available services.


While I am extremely passionate about decor, design, and florals - my true passion lies in creating experiences for people, marrying the elements of their unique personality with their treasured traditions to ensure that their celebration is one their guests will remember for a lifetime.




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