Why Custom Proposals from a Wedding Planner and Designer Matter

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You’re beyond excited to get started planning your wedding, and understandably! Whether you know right away that you want a planner for your day or you’ve begun trying to prepare on your own, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the growing to-do list and decisions to be made. So you decide you’d like to hire a professional wedding planner and designer to give you that guidance and support in bringing your dream day to life.

When you start searching, you’ll often find that there are so many planners to choose from, so what’s our take on how to choose? This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make from the start, as it will affect your entire experience throughout the planning. One great way to start is by excluding any wedding planner and designer who does not provide you with a custom proposal. In our eyes, that really goes for any wedding vendor you are hiring, but especially your planner. Let us tell you why.

From the start, a wedding planner and designer that genuinely cares about you will take the time to give you a quality experience even before you book. They won’t just email you a pdf. They’ll want to speak with you and learn about how you envision your day. When they create a custom proposal for you, it will also reflect how well they listen and their genuine attention to detail. Many planners boast of their attention to detail on their sites, but a custom proposal is an easy way to confirm this characteristic is legitimate. They have chosen to create a custom proposal showing their character and the level of service and quality you’re going to receive.

Also, may we please pause to remind you - this is your wedding! The one time in your lives when it is genuinely just about you two! Your experience should be outstanding and personal from start to finish. You’ll be communicating with them quite a bit throughout the next year, and they’ll be orchestrating every element of your wedding day from the time you hire them through your send-off as husband and wife- so it’s important to like them! Just like meeting a true friend, you want to have a connection and trust. If you want your wedding to be personal and have those meaningful details incorporated, you’ll be sharing many special details and inside to your lives together. So you want to ensure you have someone that makes you comfortable. That way, when your day arrives, you can truly relax and enjoy knowing they have it all covered. A custom proposal will be a good first indicator of these qualities.

Another important reason we recommend you receive a custom proposal is that it will reflect your desired vision. It won’t be a cookie-cutter copy of every wedding you’ve seen before. If you’re getting a cookie-cutter proposal, you’ll likely receive cookie-cutter, rinse and repeat service. With a custom proposal, you don’t have to connect the dots if you like a sample wedding’s style. Instead, you’ll have an inspiration created for you. Not only that, but it will also provide you with a more accurate guide of what they can achieve with the general budget you may have shared with them. When you find the right planner & designer, you’ll likely love what they present you with. You’ll feel great knowing they understand you and start the experience off right as you deserve! When it starts with that level of dedication and care for you, you’ll likely receive a result even better than you can imagine! At Fleur Avenue Events, we take pride in making every detail and design personal and custom to you. We’d love to get to know you and learn about the vision you have for your day, so that we can provide you with a custom planning and design proposal followed by an incredible wedding experience.


While I am extremely passionate about decor, design, and florals - my true passion lies in creating experiences for people, marrying the elements of their unique personality with their treasured traditions to ensure that their celebration is one their guests will remember for a lifetime.




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