How To Avoid Major Headaches and Sleepless Nights About Your Wedding Budget

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Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life! You get to marry your best friend and celebrate with all of your loved ones! There are so many details to get excited about, and you can finally start planning the wedding of your dreams. But we understand how overwhelming piecing together all of those exciting details can be.

Once you start learning more about the costs and adding up all of the elements and vendors that are going to bring your Pinterest board to life, you realize, weddings are expensive. They are an investment. While this is a simple truth, if you make the right decisions, you’ll find that the once-in-a-lifetime experience of your wedding is worth far more value than the price you pay.

That being said, you don’t always see that value until after the celebration is over. You have to make the best decisions for yourself and be able to trust the industry professionals you hire to bring all those details together. The best thing you can do is start by establishing your priorities - figure out what is most important to you and setting reasonable expectations for what is within those priorities. The last thing we want is for you to expect to recreate the Pinterest wedding you’ve been gushing over and then find out that it actually took $500k to produce that wedding.

In the beginning, it may seem like a good idea to take on the DIY approach, but this can actually be very costly and damaging if you make a poor decision due to a lack of experience or proper guidance. For example, if you’re following a wedding website’s budget guide or Googling the average cost of each area it can be very misleading. Online budgets are based on the average throughout the country or state, not your specific venue. And they don’t take into account your desired style, aesthetics, or the size of your wedding. And honestly what matters most to you is going to be different than someone else. It may seem like a good idea to select a photographer who is lower in cost based on “the average” but with that lower cost you may get less responsiveness, less dedication, or even worse, details and moments missed on the very important day that you cannot re-do. Although it may seem like a good way to save initially, if the meaningful details of your day are most important to you and you don’t have a dedicated and experienced photographer to capture it all, you won’t be able to relive the day. The same is applicable to almost every vendor category. You don’t want to hire immaturely just to check it off your to-do list and then regret your decision later. That is why we have a custom approach to your wedding budget.

We start off first and foremost by discussing your priorities. It is important to have honest conversations with yourself, your family members involved in paying, and your planner from the start in order to set you up for a low-stress planning process. If you’re having a hard time narrowing in on these, start by looking for patterns from your Pinterest board, or what Instagram photos you keep going back to for inspiration. These will help you articulate and clarify your desires for yourself and the professionals you’re working with. Once we’ve determined those with our clients, then we assess the breakdown of each area giving the highest priorities the highest budget. With our experience, we are aware of the different price ranges of vendors. So we can help set reasonable expectations and then focus on how to maximize value in each area. What you need most and what items will make the biggest impact on your atmosphere. Our best advice is to always consult the professionals you trust to guide you in the right direction. You can save money by choosing to hire a day-of planner instead of a full service, but you need to decide if it is worth it to spend all of your time, energy, and stress trying to do it all on your own or hiring an expert to guide you through the process and ultimately maximize the value in your budget. If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not you should hire a wedding planner, check out some insights we’ve gathered to help you decide here.


While I am extremely passionate about decor, design, and florals - my true passion lies in creating experiences for people, marrying the elements of their unique personality with their treasured traditions to ensure that their celebration is one their guests will remember for a lifetime.




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